Tracy A Cooke

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PURPOSE Paclitaxel is an important anticancer agent for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). However, its use in cancer therapy is limited by development of acquired drug resistance. The goal of this study was to determine the effect of bexarotene on development of acquired paclitaxel resistance in NSCLC. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Human NSCLC(More)
Retinoids are promising agents for therapy of squamous cancers. In vitro, retinoids decrease expression of differentiation markers in head and neck squamous carcinoma cells. Little information is available on effects of retinoids on head and neck squamous carcinoma cell xenograft growth in vivo. To address this issue, head and neck squamous carcinoma cells(More)
This study investigates the impact of an expert system used as a decision aid in a job evaluation system. Both performance outcomes and psychological outcomes are analyzed in an experiment in which the intended users of the expert system served as subjects. The study draws largely from behavioral decision theory for its theoretical support. Although this(More)
The ChIP protocol is a fundamental tool for discoveries in the area of epigenomics and gaining insight into epigenetic phenomenon. Despite the fact that many vendors of life science research tools offer products to support ChIP, very little innovation has occurred around the ChIP method itself to make this process more reproducible and reliable. Issues(More)
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