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To examine trends in the incidence and epidemiology of cryptococcosis, active, population-based surveillance was conducted during 1992-2000 in 2 areas of the United States (the Atlanta, Georgia, and Houston, Texas, metropolitan areas; combined population, 7.4 million). A total of 1491 incident cases were detected, of which 1322 (89%) occurred in(More)
The molecular mechanisms used by group A Streptococcus (GAS) to survive on the host mucosal surface and cause acute pharyngitis are poorly understood. To provide new information about GAS host-pathogen interactions, we used real-time reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) to analyze transcripts of 17 GAS genes in throat swab specimens taken from 18 pediatric(More)
Conventional substance-abuse treatments have only had limited success for drugs such as cocaine, nicotine, methamphetamine, and phencyclidine. New approaches, including vaccination to block the effects of these drugs on the brain, are in advanced stages of development. Although several potential mechanisms for the effects of antidrug vaccines have been(More)
CONTEXT Cocaine dependence, which affects 2.5 million Americans annually, has no US Food and Drug Administration-approved pharmacotherapy. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the immunogenicity, safety, and efficacy of a novel cocaine vaccine to treat cocaine dependence. DESIGN A 24-week, phase 2b, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with efficacy(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical importance of an elevated platelet count is often overlooked, particularly as a diagnostic clue to the presence of an underlying infection. We sought to better describe the relationship between thrombocytosis and inflammatory conditions, with a focus on infectious causes. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed 801 sequential cases of(More)
In 2008, diagnosis and investigation of 2 multidrug-resistant tuberculosis cases with matching genotypes led to identification of an outbreak among foreign-born persons who performed short-term seafood production work in Alaska during 2006. Tuberculosis control programs should consider the possibility of domestic transmission even among foreign-born(More)
Conventional substance abuse treatments have had only limited success. As a result, new approaches, including vaccination to block the effects of drugs such as cocaine, nicotine, methamphetamine, and phencyclidine, are in development. Although a number of possible rationales for the effects of antidrug vaccines have been suggested, the most straightforward(More)
BACKGROUND In September 2008, an outbreak of pneumonia associated with an emerging human adenovirus (human adenovirus serotype 14 [HAdV-14]) occurred on a rural Southeast Alaska island. Nine patients required hospitalization, and 1 patient died. METHODS To investigate the outbreak, pneumonia case patients were matched to control participants on the basis(More)
BACKGROUND Campylobacter jejuni is a leading cause of acute gastroenteritis worldwide, and most cases are identified as sporadic events rather than as parts of recognized outbreaks. We report findings from a substantial 2008 campylobacteriosis outbreak with general implications for fresh produce safety. METHODS We conducted a matched case-control study to(More)