Traci Shreyer

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Three chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) were trained to discriminate among pairs of boxes in an ABCDE-ordered series. The 2nd member of each pair was reinforced, until all 4 training pairs were learned. During novel tests the nonadjacent BD pair was presented, and all 3 animals reliably selected D. In Experiment 2, numerals 1-5 served as stimuli. One chimpanzee(More)
Low-stress handling is important for the safety of the veterinary staff and for the welfare of the patient. The commitment to ensuring the emotional well-being of the patient should be equal to that shown toward the physical well-being of the animals under a veterinarian's care. Before handling animals it is essential to assess the environment and the(More)
A chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) experienced in counting arrays of 0-7 items and trained for comprehension of number symbols, spontaneously displayed a variety of indicating acts (e.g., pointing, touching, and rearranging items) during counting. Twenty-five sessions were videotaped, and all trials were evaluated for the relations among number of items(More)
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