Traci Haddock

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There is a pressing need for design automation tools for synthetic biology systems. Compared to electronic circuits, cellular information processing has more complex elementary components and a greater complexity of interactions among components. Moreover, chemical computation within a cell is strongly a↵ected both by other computations simultaneously(More)
We present a framework that allows us to construct and formally analyze the behavior of synthetic gene circuits from specifications in a high level language used in describing electronic circuits. Our back-end synthesis tool automatically generates genetic-regulatory network (GRN) topology realizing the specifications with assigned biological "parts" from a(More)
MoClo Planner is an interactive visualization system for collaborative bio-design, utilizing a multi-touch interactive surface. The system integrates the information gathering, design, and specification of complex synthetic biological constructs using the Modular Cloning (MoClo) assembly method. Modular Cloning is a hierarchical DNA construction method that(More)
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