Traci D Castellón

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Because of widespread habitat fragmentation, maintenance of landscape connectivity has become a major focus of conservation planning, but empirical tests of animal movement in fragmented landscapes remain scarce. We conducted a translocation experiment to test the relative permeability of three landscape elements (open habitat, shrubby secondary vegetation,(More)
We developed a set of simple empirically based criteria for distinguishing forest patch configurations that we expected to support persistent populations of two endemic Tapaculo species with limited dispersal ability (Chucao Tapaculos [Scelorchilus rubecula] and Black-throated Huet-huets [Pteroptochos tarnii]) in South American temperate rain forest. The(More)
– Gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus) occur in a variety of habitats, but are primarily associated with sandhill communities. In peninsular Florida, however, mesic flatwoods make up the largest area of habitat, and scrub often replaces sandhill on inland ridges. Tortoise ecology is poorly understood in these habitats and few data are available to guide(More)
We developed and tested patch occupancy models for an endemic understory bird with limited dispersal ability, the Chucao Tapaculo (Scelorchilus rubecula), in two South American temperate rain forest landscapes that differed in levels and duration of forest loss. We assessed cover changes since 1961 in each landscape and surveyed patches for Chucao Tapaculo(More)
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