Tracey Zielinski

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This paper describes results of a quantitative evaluation of a flexible spring mass system image registration technique previously proposed by the authors. The method is assessed against two well-known registration algorithms namely the Demons and the B-spline free form deformations (FFD) implemented in Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK).(More)
Three experiments investigated the effect of complexity on children's understanding of a beam balance. In nonconflict problems, weights or distances varied, while the other was held constant. In conflict items, both weight and distance varied, and items were of three kinds: weight dominant, distance dominant, or balance (in which neither was dominant). In(More)
It is argued that working memory limitations are best defined in terms of the complexity of relations that can be processed in parallel. Relational complexity is related to processing loads in problem solving, and discriminates between higher animal species, as well as between children of different ages. Complexity is defined by the number of dimensions, or(More)
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