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Women’s Friendship and the Refusal of Lesbian Desire in The Faerie Queene
Recent feminist criticism of Spenser's Faerie Queene has increasingly focused attention on the construction of gendered subjectivities throughout the epic romance, and especially within Book 3, theExpand
"And yet woll I stiell saye that I am I": Jake Juggler, the Lord's Supper, and Disguise
Jake Juggler, a mid-sixteenth century interlude, depicts Jake's efforts to convince his rival servant, Jenkin, that he is Jenkin and that a body can be in two places at once. The play thus promotesExpand
“If sight and shape be true”: The Epistemology of Crossdressing on the London Stage
IN 1579 AND 1582, STEPHEN GOSSON, A PLAYWRIGHT-TURNED-CLERGYMAN, published his contributions to an increasingly virulent antitheatrical tradition. Running through Gosson's attacks is a concern withExpand
Theory Terminable and Interminable: On Presentism, Historicism, and the Problem of Hamlet
Abstract This essay argues for the ongoing relevance of theory to Shakespeare studies by examining Jacques Derrida's book, Specters of Marx, in the context of historicist critiques of "presentism."Expand
The Arden Shakespeare As You Like It (review)
An editor working within the Arden series faces a daunting task. Arden editions have traditionally served as primary texts for many scholars. But recent advances in textual scholarship haveExpand
The Kindness of Strangers: On the Political Modernity of Kieślowski's Red
Let us not forget that the political would precisely be that which thus endlessly binds or opposes the friend-enemy=enemy-friend couple in the drive or decision of death, in the putting to death orExpand