Tracey S. Hong

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BACKGROUND The gap junction plays an important role in spreading of apoptotic and necrotic signals from injured and stressed cells to the neighboring viable cells. The present study was performed to investigate the important role of gap junction communication on rabbits' explosive brain injury. METHODS Explosion of paper detonators was used to create(More)
Background Aggressive intravenous fluid replacement regimens are traditionally employed with the intention of protecting patients from perioperative decreases in renal blood flow. In contrast to these regimens, Enhanced Recovery Pathways (ERPs) often employ in-traoperative goal-directed fluid therapy and postoperative fluid restriction with permissive(More)
Hand hygiene compliance is the most significant, modifiable cause of hospital-acquired infections, yet national averages for compliance rates remain unsatisfactory. Noncompliance can contribute to patient mortality, extended hospital stays, higher re-admission rates, and lower reimbursement for hospitals under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.(More)
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