Tracey Lovejoy

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This paper discusses instant messaging in the context of a tension between informal communication and the benefits of having a record of an exchange. IM exchanges are generally informal. As messaging is used more in work settings, being able to review an exchange can occasionally be helpful. However, knowing that a communication will be saved can lead to(More)
There is already widespread change in the natural calendars (phenology) of plants and animals, as well as change in some species distributions. Now threshold change (sudden, fundamental change) in ecosystems is beginning to be observed in nature. At minimum, the natural world will experience an equal amount of warming to that which has already taken place.(More)
The desire to extend product development success internationally and understand users in the countries in which a product will be marketed has extended user methods overseas. While the practice of international research has become common, approaches have been varied depending on the needs of the project as well as corporate constraints. Many corporate(More)
Objective To report the clinical course of a man who reportedly ingested nine ounces of a coumarin rodenticide (brodifacoum) and the clinical challenges of management, specifically the differences from the management of typical warfarin overdose. Case summary A 60 year old man who presented to the hospital with a one-week history of hematuria, and lower(More)
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