Tracey L. Leacock

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This article presents the structure and theoretical foundations of the Learning Object Review Instrument (LORI), an evaluation aid available through the E-Learning Research and Assessment Network at A primary goal of LORI is to balance assessment validity with efficiency of the evaluation process. The instrument enables learning object(More)
LORI (learning object review instrument) is an evaluation framework designed to support collaborative critique of multimedia learning resources. In this chapter, the interactions among reviewers using LORI are framed as a form of collaborative argumentation. Research on collaborative evaluation of learning resources has found that reviewers’ quality ratings(More)
Anecdotally it seems that some students have a very natural intuitive grasp of physics. Whilst their contemporaries struggle with basic concepts, these expert few are able to understand even difficult concepts with apparent effortless intuition. Assuming that a goal of education is to encourage all students to perform in such a natural manner, one obvious(More)
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