Tracey Graham

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There has been interest in the literature in the possible existence of a gene that predisposes to both breast cancer (BC) and colorectal cancer (CRC). We describe the detailed characterisation of one kindred, MON1080, with 10 cases of BC or CRC invasive cancer among 26 first-, second- or third-degree relatives. Linkage analysis suggested that a mutation was(More)
BACKGROUND Vectors based on adeno-associated virus-8 (AAV8) have shown efficiency and efficacy for liver-directed gene therapy protocols following intravascular injection, particularly in relation to haemophilia gene therapy. AAV8 has also been proposed for gene therapy targeted at skeletal and cardiac muscle, again via intravascular injection. It is(More)
The pathogenesis of canine mast cell tumour (MCT) remains unknown. Moreover, therapeutic options are limited and resistance to targeted drugs and recurrences are common, necessitating the identification of additional cellular targets for therapy. In this study we investigated the expression of phosphorylated AKT protein in 25 archival canine MCT samples by(More)
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