Tracey E. Ryan

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The infiltration of local anaesthetic agents has been shown to reduce post-tonsillectomy pain. A number of recent studies have shown that the addition of agents such as clonidine and dexamethasone improve the efficacy of nerve blocks and spinal anaesthesia. The aim of this review was to determine whether additives to local anaesthetic agents improve(More)
Backhousia citriodora products are used as bushfoods and flavorings and by the aromatherapy industry. The antimicrobial activity of 4 samples of B. citriodora oil, leaf paste, commercial tea (0.2 and 0.02 g/mL), and hydrosol (aqueous distillate) were tested against 13 bacteria and 8 fungi. Little or no activity was found to be associated with the leaf tea(More)
Raspberry juice cordial has a long anecdotal use in Australia for the prophylaxis and treatment of gastroenteritis in livestock, cage birds and humans. The antimicrobial properties of raspberry juice cordial, raspberry juice, raspberry leaf extract and a commercial brand of raspberry leaf tea were investigated against five human pathogenic bacteria and two(More)
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