Tracey E. Barnett

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OBJECTIVES We examined prevalence rates of water pipe tobacco smoking among young people as a first step in assessing the health implications of this form of tobacco use. METHODS We examined water pipe use with data from the 2007 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey, which assessed tobacco-related beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors among the state's middle and(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals who use a hookah (water pipe) as a method of tobacco smoking are exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide (CO). Assessing hookah use in one of the venues of its use (hookah bars) will aid the understanding of the toxins and exposure for the user. In Florida, smoking is prohibited in public places under the Florida Clean Indoor Act(More)
BACKGROUND K2 or "spice" has emerged as a popular legal alternative to marijuana among adolescents and young adults. However, no data has been published assessing prevalence of and associations with ever K2 use in any population. This study's aims were to examine prevalence of ever K2 use among a sample of college students, to determine characteristics of(More)
BACKGROUND Establishments dedicated to hookah tobacco smoking recently have proliferated and helped introduce hookah use to U.S. communities. PURPOSE To conduct a comprehensive, qualitative assessment of websites promoting these establishments. METHODS In June 2009, a systematic search process was initiated to access the universe of websites(More)
We examined the cost-effectiveness of a care coordination/home telehealth (CCHT) programme for veterans with diabetes. We conducted a retrospective, pre-post study which compared data for a cohort of veterans (n=370) before and after the introduction of the CCHT programme for two periods of 12 months. To assess the cost-effectiveness, we converted the(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research on alcohol mixed with energy drinks (AmED) suffers from measurement problems. Missing from the research literature are studies that assess caffeine-alcohol co-ingestion in natural drinking environments. METHODS This field study collected data in a U.S. college bar district from 328 randomly selected patrons. Anonymous data(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess healthcare use among veterans with diabetes mellitus (DM) enrolled in a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Care Coordination Home Telehealth (CCHT) program during 24 months and to contrast this utilization with the service use of a comparison group of veterans with DM not enrolled in the program. STUDY DESIGN Two-year, retrospective,(More)
This study assessed the impact of health-promotion program participation on short-term and long-term disability absence days during a 6-year period in a manufacturing company. Male, hourly, active employees (n = 4189) were analyzed from 1995 to 2000. Disability absences were compared for program participants and nonparticipants from baseline (1995) through(More)
INTRODUCTION The emerging trends and rapid growth of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) among adolescents are being monitored closely. The trends are critical as policy to prevent uptake among adolescents is considered. The purpose of this study is to describe the prevalence of e-cigarette use and potential correlates for use. Associations between(More)
Hookah tobacco smoking is increasing among US college students, including those who would not otherwise use tobacco. Part of hookah's appeal is attributed to the perception that hookah is less harmful than cigarettes. The aims of this study were to assess knowledge of harmful exposures associated with hookah smoking relative to cigarette smoking and to(More)