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Thermoelectric materials are of interest for applications as heat pumps and power generators. The performance of thermoelectric devices is quantified by a figure of merit, ZT, where Z is a measure of a material's thermoelectric properties and T is the absolute temperature. A material with a figure of merit of around unity was first reported over four(More)
“PAULA’s” test (Protein Assays Utilizing Lung cancer Analytes) is a novel multiplex immunoassay blood test that incorporates both tumor antigens and autoantibodies to determine the risk that lung cancer (LC) is present in individuals from a high-risk population. The test’s performance characteristics were evaluated in a study using 380 retrospective(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional methods for conjugation of macromolecules, such as antibodies and reporter groups, typically yield a mixture ranging from unconjugated starting materials to large aggregates. We explored the use of a solid-phase process to allow improved control in conjugation of macromolecules for use in immunodiagnostic reagents. METHODS(More)
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