Tracey Buckley

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This article presents the proceedings of a symposium held at the meeting of the International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA) in Mannheim, Germany, in October, 2004. Chronic alcoholism follows a fluctuating course, which provides a naturalistic experiment in vulnerability, resilience, and recovery of human neural systems in response to(More)
This article represents the proceedings of a symposium at the 2000 ISBRA Meeting in Yokohama, Japan. The chairs were Izuru Matusmoto and Peter A. Wilce. The presentations were (1) GABA receptor subunit expression in the human alcoholic brain, by Tracey Buckley and Peter Dodd; (2) NMDAR gene expression during ethanol addiction, by Jorg Puzke, Rainer(More)
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