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1-Aminocyclopropane-l-carboxylate deaminase (ACCD) is a pyridoxal 5/-phosphate dependent enzyme that shows deaminase activity toward ACC, a precursor of plant hormone ethylene. ACCD from some soil bacteria has been reported to be able to break the cyclopropane ring of ACC to yield a-ketobutyrate and ammonia. We reported the crystal structure of ACCD from(More)
The spectral sensitization of hardened dichromated gelatin to red light is carried out using methylene blue as sensitizer. The sensitized dichromated gelatin plate can be stored for over 1 month in an ammonia atmosphere without loss of photosensitivity. Holograms recorded in the sensitized dichromated gelatin using a He-Ne laser have high diffraction(More)
A phase shifting interferometer using a tunable laser as a light source is proposed for measuring shapes of both surfaces of a glass plate and the distribution of refractive index. To separate the superimposed interferograms generated with many wavefronts reflected from the plate, the phase shift associated with the wavelength shift is applied in the phase(More)
An improved way of using the traditional Hartmann test has been evolved to measure spherical aberrations of photographic lenses. Instead of photographic plates, a solid-state linear image sensor was successfully used to achieve improvements in accuracy and in measuring efficiency. It was found possible to locate the intersection of a ray with the image(More)
Dichromated gelatin (DCG) is one of the best holographic recording materials because of its high diffraction efficiency and low noise. A major shortcoming of this material is that it is essentially insensitive to light of wavelengths much longer than 540 nm. The spectral sensitivity of DCG can be extended to red light wavelengths by adding suitable dyes(More)
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