Toyonao Yamauchi

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This paper studies the Schottky barrier height (SBH) modulation effect induced by dipoles, which several types of impurity atoms generate at the nickel silicide (NiSi)/silicon (Si) interface, through both first-principles calculations and experimental methods. Based on these understandings, we discuss their applicability to the DCS junction, leading to a(More)
This paper studies the Schottky barrier height (SBH) modulation effect induced by dipoles generation at the nickel silicide (NiSi)/silicon (Si) interface, based on first-principles calculations. Dipole comforting SBH is dramatically reduced to 0.1 eV in 1 nm region around the interface for the case of B atoms substituted for Si atoms. The results suggest(More)
The absorption spectra of europium-Tiron complexes in aqueous solution have been measured from 340 to 600 nm. The absorbance at 390 and 420 nm follows Beer's law up to 0.8 mg ml (pH 6.2-6.6). Other rare earths except for cerium(III) did not interfere. The interference of cerium could be removed by addition of ascorbic acid. The combining ratio of Tiron to(More)
allo-Threonine-derived O-acyl-B-phenyl-oxazaborolidinones are demonstrated to be powerful and highly enantioselective Lewis acid catalysts for the Diels-Alder reaction of simple acyclic enone dienophiles, expanding the scope of ketone dienophiles and dienes. With 10 to 20 mol % of catalyst, the Diels-Alder adducts are obtained in 76-98% ee with high(More)
We studied extremely low interface resistance and thermal stability of the interface of NiSi/Si junctions with Pt (Ni(Pt)Si/Si junctions) based on first-principles calculation. The physical origin of thermal stability of NiSi enhanced by Pt is clarified by the calculations. Our calculations show clear difference of energies for dopant atoms of As and B(More)
It is demonstrated that Schottky barrier height (Phi<sub>B</sub>) for NiSi/Si junction can be modulated by interfacial segregation of metals. Thin films of rare earth (RE) metals and platinum (Pt) are deposited on NiSi/Si Schottky diodes and annealed. The metals diffuse into NiSi and segregate at NiSi/Si interface, which leads to Phi<sub>B</sub> modulation(More)
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