Toyomi Fujita

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Many studies have tried to answer an important question: is it possible to predict human visually selected regions-of-interest (hROIs)? hROIs are defined as the loci of eye fixations and they can be analyzed by their spatial distribution over the visual stimulus and their temporal ordering. We used a simplified set of geometrical spatial kernels and linear(More)
Bottom-up cortical representations of visual conspicuity interact with top-down internal cognitive models of the external world to control eye movements , EMs, and the closely linked attention-shift mechanisms; to thus achieve visual recognition. Conspicuity operators implemented with image processing algorithms , IPAs, can discriminate human(More)
It is very important to construct eectively Multiple Robots System under the proper software development system. We believe that there is the proper software model according to the feature of system such as the number of robots, the kind of work or the type of cooperation. In this paper, we present the design of an advanced software development system which(More)