Toyokazu Akiyama

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Microblogging platforms such as Twitter have been recently frequently used for detecting real-time events. The spatial component, as reflected by user location, usually plays a key role in such systems. However, an often neglected source of spatial information are location mentions expressed in tweet contents. In this paper we demonstrate a novel(More)
To protect SDN-enabled networks under large-scale, unexpected link failures, we propose ResilientFlow that deploys distributed modules called Control Channel Maintenance Module (CCMM) for every switch and controllers. The CCMMs makes switches able to maintain their own control channels, which are core and fundamental part of SDN. In this paper, we design,(More)
Pub/Sub communication model becomes a basis of various applications, e.g. IoT/M2M, SNS. These application domains require new properties of the Pub/Sub infrastructure, for example, supporting a large number of devices with widely distributed manner, handling emergency messaging with priority control and so on. In order to meet the demands, we proposed(More)
Electron tomography is a powerful technique for deriving 3D structural information from biological specimens. As advanced instrumentation, networking, and grid computing are applied to electron tomography and biological sciences in general, much work is needed to integrate and coordinate these advanced technologies in a transparent way to deliver them to(More)
Microblogging platforms such as Twitter have recently received much attention as great sources for live web sensing, real-time event detection and opinion analysis. Previous works usually assumed that tweets mainly describe "what's happening now". However, a large portion of tweets contains time expressions that refer to time frames within the past or the(More)
The Cybermedia Center, Osaka University (CMC) is a research institution that offers resource with knowledge and technology of all advanced research in the area of large-scale computation, information and communication, multimedia content and education. Currently, CMC involves in Japanese national grid projects such as JGN II (Japan Gigabit Network) and(More)
This paper presents <i>TWinChat</i>, a Twitter and Web user interactive chat system to support simultaneous communication between microbloggers and Web users in real-time through both the contents of microblogs and Web pages. <i>TWinChat</i> provides a question answering interface attached to Web pages, which allows Web users to chat with Twitter users in(More)
We present a novel system that combines the advantages of social communication and Web search by simultaneously discovering important pages and users. First, the system provides a communication interface attached to pages, which allows users to talk with each other in real time while browsing the same page, i.e., page-centric communication. Then, the system(More)