Toyohiko Yoshida

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Cardiovascular disease is a major problem in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, with calcification being one of the conspicuous features of arteriosclerotic vessels. In the present study, clinical analysis and in vitro cell culture were used to investigate factors promoting vascular calcification in ESRD patients. The aortic arch calcification score(More)
The cost-effectiveness according to primary disease or dialysis duration has never been analyzed with respect to maintenance hemodialysis (MHD). Study candidates were > 20 years of age and had received hemodialysis for at least 6 months. Hemodialysis patients were prospectively observed for 36 months, and patient utility was assessed based on the Euro-QOL(More)
{ A multimedia system requires processing capabilities that include controlling functions as well as high throughput. For the consumer market, this processor must also satisfy low cost constraints. An eecient solution is the use of a dual{issue RISC architecture with key enhancements to target the high computation needs of multimedia applications. The RISC(More)
This paper evaluates the code efficiency of the ARM, Java, and x86 instruction sets by compiling the SPEC CPU95/ CPU2000/JVM98 and CaffeineMark benchmarks, in terms of code sizes, basic block sizes, instruction distributions, and average instruction lengths. As a result, mainly because (i) the Java architecture is a stack machine, (ii) there are only four(More)
A single chip system for real{time mpeg{2 decoding can be created by integrating a general purpose dual{issue risc processor, with a small dedicated hardware for the variable length decoding (vld) and block loading processes; a 32kb instruction ram; and a 32kb data ram. The vld hardware performs Huuman decoding on the input data. The block loader performs(More)
BACKGROUND AND METHODS We conducted a large-scale case-control study that explored the association of 358 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in 185 patients with end-stage renal disease. A variety of SNPs were recognized as significant in simple association studies. In addition, haplotype analysis identified the gene for the alpha 1C subunit of the(More)