Toyohiko Kinoshita

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A new spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectrometer was developed adopting the very-low-energy-electron-diffraction (VLEED)-type spin polarimeter. The Fe(001)p(1x1)-O film grown on MgO(001) crystal for the VLEED target yields significantly high spin-resolving power, the effective Sherman function of 0.40+/-0.02, with long lifetime and stability(More)
We have studied the orientational order in films of vertically aligned single walled carbon nanotubes, by means of resonant Raman spectroscopy, resonant X-ray absorption, and direct imaging. These methods investigate the hierarchical morphology at different length scales. Here, we discuss the systematic comparison of orientational order as function of(More)
By using the perpendicular-exchange-biased Pt/Co/α-Cr(2)O(3) system, we provide experimental evidence that the unreversed uncompensated Cr spins exist at the Co/α-Cr(2)O(3) interface. The unreversed uncompensated Cr spin manifests itself in both the vertical shift of an element-specific magnetization curve and the relative peak intensity of soft-x-ray(More)
The observation of one-dimensional N₂ inside single-walled carbon nanotubes raises the questions, how are the N₂ molecules formed and how do they manage to make their way to this peculiar place? We have used N(15) and C(13) isotope labeled acetonitrile during the synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes to investigate this process. The isotope shifts of(More)
A video camera system for observing a sample from the direction of an incident soft X-ray beam has been developed. The sample is seen via two reflecting mirrors. The first mirror, which has a hole to allow the soft X-ray beam to pass through, is set on the beam axis in a vacuum. The second mirror is used to cancel out the mirror inversion of the image. This(More)
A method to position samples with small cleaved regions has been developed to be applied to the angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) which uses soft-x-ray synchrotron radiation focused down to 160 x 180 microm(2). A long-working-distance optical microscope is used for the sample observation. A selected region on a sample can be optimally set at(More)
The unexpected presence of a linear arrangement of co-axially oriented N2 molecules inside aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes is revealed by high resolution near-edge x-ray absorption spectroscopy. The encapsulated N2 molecules exhibit free stretching vibrations with a long electronic lifetime of the x-ray-excited anti-bonding π⋆ states. Molecular(More)
A femtosecond pulsed laser system has been installed at the BL25SU soft x-ray beamline at SPring-8 for time-resolved pump-probe experiments with synchronization of the laser pulses to the circularly polarized x-ray pulses. There are four different apparatuses situated at the beamline; for photoemission spectroscopy, two-dimensional display photoelectron(More)
The observation method of photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM) on insulating samples has been established in an extremely simple way. Surface conductivity is induced locally on an insulating surface by continuous radiation of soft X-rays, and Au films close to the area of interest allow the accumulated charges on the insulated area to be released to(More)