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microRNAs (miRNAs) are tiny endogenous RNAs that have been discovered in animals and plants, and direct the post-transcriptional regulation of target mRNAs for degradation or translational repression via binding to the 3'UTRs and the coding exons. To gain insight into the biological role of miRNAs, it is essential to identify the full repertoire of mRNA(More)
BACKGROUND Biological databases vary enormously in size and data complexity, from small databases that contain a few million Resource Description Framework (RDF) triples to large databases that contain billions of triples. In this paper, we evaluate whether RDF native stores can be used to meet the needs of a biological database provider. Prior evaluations(More)
BACKGROUND To promote research activities in a particular research area, it is important to efficiently identify current research trends, advances, and issues in that area. Although review papers in the research area can suffice for this purpose in general, researchers are not necessarily able to obtain these papers from research aspects of their interests(More)
Annotating medical text such as clinical notes with human phenotype descriptors is an important task that can, for example, assist in building patient profiles. To automatically annotate text one usually needs a dictionary of predefined terms. However, do to the variety of human expressiveness, current state-of-the art phenotype concept recognizers and(More)
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