Tove Odland

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This report presents the results of a 7-year prospective outcome study designed to examine the psychosocial changes during and after therapy among 25 outpatients suffering from personality disorders and psychoses. The therapeutic approach was based mainly on object relations theory and psychodynamic self-psychology, and focused in particular on affect(More)
It is well known that the conjugate gradient method and a quasi-Newton method, using any well-defined update matrix from the one-parameter Broyden family of updates, produce the same iterates on a quadratic problem with positive-definite Hessian. This equivalence does not hold for any quasi-Newton method. We discuss more precisely the conditions on the(More)
Krylov subspace methods are used for solving systems of linear equations Hx+ c = 0. We present a general Krylov subspace method that can be applied to a symmetric system of linear equations, i.e., for a system in which H = H . In each iteration, we have a choice of scaling of the orthogonal vectors that successively make the Krylov subspaces available. We(More)
The aim of the present study was to examine different dimensions of memory functioning in young schizophrenics with normal general intellectual abilities. Thirty-three patients with schizophrenia and 33 healthy controls were included in the study. The results suggest that immediate short-term memory is intact, though there emerged a working memory deficit(More)
In brief: Twelve 16- to 18-year-old boys with a history of long-term, heavy smoking and 12 closely matched nonsmokers were studied during progressive treadmill running to exhaustion. The smokers had significantly lower endurance performance times, even though maximum values for oxygen uptake, heart rate, and systolic blood pressure were not significantly(More)
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