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We study the typechecking problem for XML transformers: given an XML transformation program and a DTD for the input XML documents, check whether every result of the program conforms to a specified output DTD. We model XML transformers using a novel device called a <italic>k</italic>-pebble transducer, that can express most queries without data-value joins(More)
The World Wide Web is a large, heterogeneous, distributed collection of documents connected by hypertext links. The most common technology currently used for searching the Web depends on sending information retrieval requests to "index servers" that index as many documents as they can find by navigating the network. One problem with this is that users must(More)
We present algorithms to label the nodes of an XML tree which is subject to insertions and deletions of nodes. The labeling is done such that (1) we label each node immediately when it is inserted and this label remains unchanged, and (2) from a pair of labels alone, we can decide whether one node is an ancestor of the other. This problem arises in the(More)
In this paper, we study query evaluation on Active XML documents (AXML for short), a new generation of XML documents that has recently gained popularity. AXML documents are XML documents whose content is given partly extensionally, by explicit data elements, and partly intensionally, by embedded calls to Web services, which can be invoked to generate data.A(More)
The advent of XML as a universal exchange format, and of Web services as a basis for distributed computing, has fostered the apparition of a new class of documents: <i>dynamic XML documents</i>. These are XML documents where some data is given explicitly while other parts are given only intensionally by means of embedded calls to web services that can be(More)
This paper provides an overview of the Active XML project developed at INRIA over the past five years. Active XML (AXML, for short), is a declarative framework that harnesses Web services for distributed data management, and is put to work in a peer-to-peer architecture. The model is based on AXML documents, which are XML documents that may contain embedded(More)