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A set of ultrasonic experimental methods was developed to characterize a multiple scattering medium in terms of l(s), l*, l(a), respectively, the elastic, transport, and absorption mean free paths and D the diffusion constant. Actually, these quantities are the key parameters for a wave propagating in a disordered medium. Although they are widely used in(More)
We report the first experimental evidence of coherent backscattering enhancement for transient elastic waves propagating in a two-dimensional chaotic cavity. The time-integrated squared amplitude at the point source is twice as large as at the other points around the source. Contrary to analogous optical experiments, this effect is already clearly(More)
Experimental results of time-reversal focusing in a high-order multiple scattering medium are presented and compared to theoretical predictions based on a statistical model. The medium consists of a random collection of parallel steel rods. An ultrasonic source (3.2 MHz) transmits a pulse that undergoes multiple scattering and is recorded on an array. The(More)
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