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By considering the benefits of using Wireless Sensor Network in Disaster Management, an appropriate structure for Wireless Sensor Network based on clustered and hierarchical models will be proposed. By applying different policies in each layer of proposed structure, energy consumption will be decreased. Furthermore, by studying the characteristics of the(More)
With developing of systems, the security of distributed systems such as Grid is going to be a fundamental challenge. However various methods and tools were used to increasing the security, but the most of them impose a centralized management. In this paper, a cognitive model based on Biological Immune System modeling will be proposed. In the proposed model(More)
Immune System is a complex system, has been consisting of complex elements with complex interactions, which has characteristics like autopoiesis and evolution. As a model for living systems, Capra Cognitive Framework introduces the main components of living systems. In this paper, functionality of the immune system is going to be perused and simulated(More)
Increasing complexity and dynamics of systems has reduced the efficiency of security tools. For overcoming this problem, security tools introduce newer patches, thereby the size of database and computation overloads are increased. By Biological Immune System (BIS) modeling and simulation, its behavior in different situations will be considered and the(More)
3 7 B Abstract: Utilizing learning features by many fields like education, artificial intelligence, and multi-agent systems, leads to generation of various definitions for this concept. In this article, these field's significant definitions for learning will be presented, and their key concepts in each field will be described. Using the mentioned features(More)
By considering definitions of complex adaptive systems, the fundamental features of them are determined. Furthermore, Capra Cognitive Framework for better understanding of living systems is introduced and described. Based on the Santiago Theory of Cognition, Capra Cognitive Framework and Complex Adaptive System features, a model for Biological Complex(More)
In this paper, a self-management model is proposed for IT environment which is intended to reduce overhead of central node and increase IT systems' efficiency based on distributed systems approach and neighborhood-based networks. In order to reduce energy consumption and less computational load, Neighborhood-based networks can adopt with changes by means of(More)