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We investigated the effect of orally administered trimebutine maleate on gastric and gallbladder emptying and on the release of gut peptide, pancreatic polypeptide (PP), and gastrin in humans for 120 min after ingestion of a solid meal. Gastric emptying was measured by a radionuclide technique. Gallbladder emptying was estimated by real-time(More)
The effect of orally administered ornoprostil, 17S,20-dimethyl-6-oxoprostaglandin E1 methyl ester, on gastric emptying and on pancreatic polypeptide (PP) release after solid meal ingestion, was investigated in man. A radionuclide technique was used to measure gastric emptying of eight healthy volunteers. In addition, four parameters [SI (starting index):(More)
The implementation of a comprehensive therapeutic interchange program is described. The need to reduce the number of telephone calls to physicians about nonformulary drug orders, reduce drug costs, and maximize the effectiveness of drug therapy prompted the development of an automatic therapeutic interchange program at a 273-bed nonteaching community(More)
The steps taken to implement a therapeutic interchange program for i.v. histamine H2-receptor antagonists and to determine the potential cost savings are described. A literature review conducted by pharmacists at a 273-bed nonteaching community hospital showed that i.v. famotidine was as safe and effective as i.v. cimetidine or ranitidine and that it was(More)
The organization of a resident-preceptor retreat as one component of a process to re-evaluate a pharmacy residency program is described. Changes in the ASHP standards for residency training and recommendations from a recent reaccreditation survey as well as recent changes in the health-care environment prompted a re-evaluation of the existing 24-month(More)
The drug experiences of 1200 patients receiving i.v. histamine H2-receptor antagonists were studied. Forty hospitals in five southeastern states participated in a drug-use evaluation (DUE). In addition to supplying background information, a pharmacist at each hospital used a standardized form to perform a concurrent review of 30 consecutive adult patients(More)
The objectives of this study were to determine (1) the expenditures of hospitals for IV histamine2-receptor antagonists (H2-RA), and (2) the cost savings that might be realized if only a single IV H2-RA was purchased for use. Forty hospitals provided data about purchase prices for each IV H2-RA dosage form purchased (cimetidine, ranitidine, and famotidine),(More)