Toula Bensitel

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The sacroiliac joint is a common source of chronic low back pain. We recently described the use of cooled radiofrequency (RF) electrodes for performing lateral branch neurotomy to treat sacroiliac joint pain. The procedure involves lesioning the lateral branches of the posterior primary rami at S1-S3, and the L5 dorsal ramus(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Ketamine is opioid-sparing. It attenuates the onset of opioid tolerance, and suppresses opioid-induced hyperalgesia. This study evaluated whether or not repeated outpatient infusions of intravenous ketamine reduced the amount of pain and the amount of opioid requirements for patients suffering with chronic, non-cancerous pain. (More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND, OBJECTIVES, AND METHODS: A few recent reports suggested that spinal cord stimulation (SCS) effectively suppresses chronic abdominal pain. However, there is no consensus on patient selection or technical aspects of SCS for such pain. That is why we conducted national survey and collected 76 case reports. There were six incompletely(More)
BACKGROUND Pressure ulcer development is a common, serious complication after spinal cord injury (SCI). Although many biophysical agents are available for treatment, few randomized controlled trials of their efficacy have been done. OBJECTIVE The study objective was to examine the efficacy of low-pressure pulsatile lavage treatment for stage III and IV(More)
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