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This paper is an attempt for indexing and searching degraded document images without recognizing the textual patterns and so to circumvent the cost and the laborious effort of OCR technology. The proposed approach deal with textual-dominant documents either handwritten or printed. From preprocessing and segmentation stages, all the connected components (CC)(More)
Ancient Arabic manuscripts’ processing and analysis are very difficult tasks and are likely to remain open problems for many years to come. In this paper we tackle the problem of foreground/background separation in old documents. Our approach uses a back-propagation neural network to directly classify image pixels according to their neighborhood. We tried(More)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are widely used techniques in image processing and pattern recognition. Despite of their power in classification tasks, for pattern recognition, they show limited applicability in the earlier stages such as the foreground-background separation (FBS). In this paper a novel FBS technique based on ANN is applied on old(More)
Extract the text from the background is an important step in all process of document analysis and recognition. If this extraction is easy for document images of good quality by applying simple techniques of global thresholding, the images of degraded documents require a more accurate analysis and we have recourse in this case to local methods. Indeed, these(More)
Traditional hypermedia techniques add a new dimension to reading, but do not enable precise pedagogical strategies to be followed during the composition of an adaptive course. This paper investigates the use of computational intelligence for adaptive lesson generation in a distance learning environment. The predetermination of a set of selection rules based(More)
Searching of old document images is a relevant issue today. In this paper, we tackle the problem of old Arabic document images retrieval which form a good part of our heritage and possess an inestimable scientific and cultural richness. We propose an approach for indexing and searching degraded document images without recognizing the textual patterns in(More)