Toufik Sari

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One of the most important and necessary steps in the process of document analysis and recognition is the binarization, which allows extracting the foreground from the background. Several binarization techniques have been proposed in the literature, but none of them was reliable for all image types. This makes the selection of one method to apply in a given(More)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are widely used techniques in image processing and pattern recognition. Despite of their power in classification tasks, for pattern recognition, they show limited applicability in the earlier stages such as the foreground-background separation (FBS). In this paper a novel FBS technique based on ANN is applied on old(More)
Searching of old document images is a relevant issue today. In this paper, we tackle the problem of old Arabic document images retrieval which form a good part of our heritage and possess an inestimable scientific and cultural richness. We propose an approach for indexing and searching degraded document images without recognizing the textual patterns in(More)