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— a few papers have been interested by the fixed switching frequency direct torque control fed by direct matrix converters, where we can find just the use of direct torque controlled space vector modulated method. In this present paper, we present an improved method used for a fixed switching frequency direct torque control (DTC) using a direct matrix(More)
In this paper, we present the voltage built up process and a control to regulate the DC voltage of an isolated induction generator connected to a rectifier and driven by a variable speed wind turbine. Two strategies, based on the rotor flux oriented vector control, are proposed. Both rotor flux and DC bus voltage are regulated by two control loops which(More)
In this paper, a control of a photovoltaic system connected to the grid is presented. The main components of the studied system are solar arrays connected through a DC bus to a grid side inverter. Due to the instantaneous changes of solar irradiance and temperature, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is integrated in the inverter control. The energy(More)
We present in this paper a control of an induction generator wind turbine connected to the grid. We applied a modulated hysteresis direct torque control (MHDTC) to the induction generator (IG). This control strategy consists in superposing to the torque reference a triangular signal, as in the PWM strategy, with the desired switching frequency. We obtain a(More)
– In this paper, a new fuzzy space vector modulation direct torque control strategy for induction machine based on indirect matrix converter is proposed. In the rectifier stage a space vector modulation strategy is employed. In the inverter stage two fuzzy logic regulators used to replace the classical PI regulators in PWM direct torque control method. In(More)
– This paper proposes a modified fuzzy direct torque control scheme of induction motor fed by matrix converter to reduce the electromagnetic torque ripple which is one of the most important drawbacks of direct torque control. This DTC scheme based fuzzy logic regulation of the virtual DC voltage in the virtual rectifier stage output. The proposed enhanced(More)
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