Totada R. Shantha

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The reactions given for various oxidative and hydrolytic enzymes by the choroid plexus of the squirrel monkey and the rat brain have been studied in detail. The lining cells show strong activity for citric acid cycle and glycolytic pathways enzymes. The stroma shows strong activity for adenosine triphosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, adenosine(More)
The recent finding of terbutaline as the treatment of choice to manage intraoperative penile tumescence with the patient under anesthesia (general and regional) has prompted us to use this beta-2 agonist (5 mg. orally) for persistent penile erection and priapism resulting from injection of pharmacological agents, such as phentolamine, phenoxybenzamine and(More)
Detailed histochemical studies have been made on the distribution of various enzymes such as phosphatases, cholinesterases, glycolytic enzymes and respiratory enzymes in various components of the hypothalamus with special reference to the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei of the Squirrel Monkey. Cytological studies have also been made by the McManus,(More)
Investigations were made on the spread of street rabies virus after its inoculation into the left hind foot-pads of rats. The virus isolate used was selected because disease was produced after 2 to 3 weeks of incubation. The presence of rabies virus in the central nervous system was first detected in the lubar segment of the spinal cord on the sixth day(More)
A detailed histochemical study has been made on the mesenteric ganglia of the cat, and dorsal root ganglia of the squirrel monkey by the use of appropriate histochemical techniques accompanied by appropriate controls for phosphatases, esterases, and oxidative enzymes. The different neurons of a particular ganglion show varied amounts of enzyme activity at a(More)