Toshiyuki Toyosaki

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Gel filtration was used to partially purify the antioxidizing component of a crude extracted solution of seaweed (Porphyra yezoensis Ueda), and its properties were studied. The antioxidizing effect did not decrease after dialysis or heating. The finding of no change after dialysis suggested that the compound was of high molecular weight, estimated at 52.2(More)
Oxidative stability of original silky fowl's eggs was investigated. The silky fowl's whole eggs indicated significant oxidative stability compared to hen's eggs in storage for 14 days. The hen eggs showed an increased amount of hydroperoxides on 6 days of storage at room temperature. In contrast, the silky fowl eggs showed restricted generation of(More)
1. The antioxidant effects of the water-soluble fraction of baked sponge cakes made with silky fowl eggs and White Leghorn eggs were studied. The mechanism of the antioxidant effect was also investigated. 2. The antioxidant effect on the oxidation of linoleic acid increased in the water-soluble fraction of cake made with silky eggs. In contrast, Leghorn(More)
The current research demonstrated that nutritive constituents, oxidative stability of silky fowl egg. Present results consisted with the previous report. It was speculated that the unsaturated fatty acid chains of lipids contributed to the oxidative stability of silky fowl eggs. Rheologic properties, and oxidative stability of baked sponge cake using silky(More)
Eggs from Silky fowl and White Leghorn hens were used to prepare fried dough. The rheological properties, lipid oxidative stability, and trans, trans-2,4-decadienal and tocopherol content of fried dough made with Silky fowl egg were compared with dough made with hen egg. The fried dough was stored in a glass bottle at 50 degrees C in the dark for 12 d. The(More)
The antioxidant effect of beta-carotene was investigated in an emulsified linoleic acid model system with or without exposure to light. The effect of tocopherol on the antioxidant action of beta-carotene was also investigated. The antioxidant effect of beta-carotene was significant, and synergistically increased by the addition of rac alpha-tocopherol, in(More)
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