Toshiyuki Toriyama

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Inspired by the chaotic waterwheel invented by Malkus and Howard about 40 years ago, we have developed a gas turbine that randomly switches the sense of rotation between clockwise and counterclockwise. The nondimensionalized expressions for the equations of motion of our turbine are represented as a starlike network of many Lorenz subsystems sharing the(More)
We have developed a high-efficiency high-resolution particle-induced x-ray emission (PIXE) system employing a von Hamos-type crystal spectrometer for a chemical state identification of trace elements in environmental samples. The energy resolution of the system was determined to be about 0.05% through the observation of Si Kalpha(1,2) x rays (1.74 keV) from(More)
Due to the anisotropic characteristics of the energy resolution in crystal space, piezoresistive effect of doped silicon piezoresistors are used for sensing stress on accelerometer structures. Piezoresistive accelerometers are the most popular and widely used method of acceleration sensing due to their simplicity in fabrication, packaging and inherent(More)
Synchrotron x-ray diffraction experiment shows that the metal-insulator transition occurring in a ferromagnetic state of a hollandite K(2)Cr(8)O(16) is accompanied by a structural distortion from the tetragonal I4/m to monoclinic P112(1)/a phase with a √2×√2×1 supercell. Detailed electronic structure calculations demonstrate that the metal-insulator(More)
In this study, mechanical and thermal properties of the co-sputtered tungsten silicide (WSi) thin film were evaluated to consider the possibility of its use in MEMS applications. WSi film was prepared by cosputtering and basic micromachining processes, and its mechanical and thermal properties such as Young’s modulus, temperature coefficient of resistance(More)
In this paper, a novel piezoresistive accelerometer based on the piezoresistive effect of GaAs/Al0.4Ga0.6As thin films was designed. The piezoresistive accelerometer contains four suspended flexural beams and a central proof mass configuration. The piezoresistive effect of a piezoresistor or thin film was used to make a resistor changing the output that is(More)
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