Toshiyuki Tamura

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Natural and synthetic estrogens from sewage treatment systems are suspected to influence the reproductive health of the animals in the rivers. In this article, we investigated the enzymatic treatment of three estrogens (estrone, 17beta-estradiol, and 17alpha-ethynyletstradiol) by a fungal laccase which oxidize phenolic compounds with dissolved oxygen. The(More)
Orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) modulation systems can completely prevent intersymbol interference due to multipath propagation by providing a guard interval which is longer than the maximum delay spread. If the delay spread exceeds the guard interval, on the other hand, intersymbol interference (ISI) and intercarrier interference (ICI)(More)
China has been, is, and will be challenging the rest of the world to diplomatic, military and other races, not to speak of economic competition. Multiple impacts of Chinese expansion seem to be posing a new problem, which might erode the fundamental premises of the traditional theories of economic development and social transformation. Needless to say, it(More)
We present here a case of fore-lying of the umbilical cord. In this case, transvaginal sonography did not reveal the umbilical cord beyond the fetal head before maternal urination; however, 5 minute later, a fore-lying umbilical cord was revealed between the floating fetal head and the uterine cervix after urination. The present case indicates the(More)
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