Toshiyuki Takakura

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We demonstrate fast universal electrical spin manipulation with inhomogeneous magnetic fields. With fast Rabi frequency up to 127 MHz, we leave the conventional regime of strong nuclear-spin influence and observe a spin-flip fidelity >96%, a distinct chevron Rabi pattern in the spectral-time domain, and a spin resonance linewidth limited by the Rabi(More)
The measurement of plant chlorophyll fluorescence has been used for many years as a method to monitor a plant's health status. These types of methods have been mostly relegated to the laboratory. The newly developed Relative Referencing Method allows for the measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence under artificial lighting conditions. The fluorescence(More)
The effect of vapor pressure deficit (VPD) of air during photoperiod on spinach growth under low total pressure was examined. Spinach plants grown under atmospheric pressure were transplanted into a pressure-reduced growth chamber and cultured hydroponically for eight days. The air temperature in the growth chamber was kept at 25 degrees C during the light(More)
An axis clinostat was constructed to create micro and negative gravity also a rotated flat disk was constructed with different rotation rates to give increased gravity, by centrifugal force up to 48 g. Rice seeds were grown on agar in tubes at the constant air temperature of 20 degrees C under an average light condition of 110 micromol/m2/sec(PPF). (More)
A closed gas-exchange system was developed to measure gross photosynthesis and respiration discriminately and simultaneously. The system developed in this study included a high performance mass spectral analyzer for gas measurements. The gas-exchange system consisted of a 3L assimilation leaf chamber, a 1L flexible metallic bag, gas supply apparatus, and a(More)
Epoxy resins are widely used in adhesives, coatings, materials for molds and composites, and encapsulation. Acid anhydrides such as methyltetrahydrophthalic anhydride are being used as curing agents for epoxy resins. The anhydride hardeners are well-known industrial inhalant allergens, inducing predominantly type I allergies. In the electronic components(More)
The simultaneous and discriminative measurement of the photosynthesis and the respiration of the plant was attained by simultaneous monitoring of 13CO2 and 12CO2 by artificial control of 13CO2 abundance of ambient air. The principle of the measurement is based on the following physiological processes. 6CO2 + 12H2O --> C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O, 6(13C)O2 + 12H2O(More)
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