Toshiyuki Shimono

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An example is given of a qubit quantum channel which requires four inputs to maximize the Holevo capacity. The example is one of a family of channels which are related to 3-state channels. The capacity of the product channel is studied and numerical evidence presented which strongly suggests additivity. The numerical evidence also supports a conjecture(More)
  • S Aaronson, Erratum, S G Abuabara, See L G C Rego, D Bacon, V S Batista +119 others
  • 2005
Universal dynamical control of decay &decoherence for…, (4&5) 285 H. Halvorson, Can quan. cryptography imply quantum mechanics? (2) 170 Optimized quan. Implement. of elliptic curve arithmetic …, (6) 474 J. Kim, System design for large-scale ion trap quantum information proc., (7) 515 A quantum cryptographic protocol with detection of …, (7) 552 A simple(More)
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