Toshiyuki Shimono

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The purpose of these notes is to discuss the relation between the additivity questions regarding the quantities (Holevo) capacity of a quantum channel T and entanglement of formation of a bipartite state ρ. In particular, using the Stinespring dilation theorem, we give a formula for the channel capacity involving entanglement of formation. This can be used(More)
An example is given of a qubit quantum channel which requires four inputs to maximize the Holevo capacity. The example is one of a family of channels which are related to 3-state channels. The capacity of the product channel is studied and numerical evidence presented which strongly suggests additivity. The numerical evidence also supports a conjecture(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence and prognostic value of human papillomavirus-related oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPSCC) in Japan has not been evaluated. METHODS Over a 12-year period, the authors used immunohistochemistry to evaluate the expression of p16 (a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor and tumor suppressor) in samples from 173 patients with(More)
Despite the existence of data analysis tools such as R, SQL, Excel and others, it is still insufficient to cope with today's big data analysis needs. The author proposes a CUI (Character User Interface) toolset with dozens of functions to neatly handle tabular data in TSV (Tab Separated Values) files. It implements many basic and useful functions that have(More)
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