Toshiyuki Sasaki

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This paper proposes a system named Addistant, which enables the distributed execution of " legacy " Java bytecode. Here " legacy " means the software originally developed to be executed on a single Java virtual machine (JVM). For adapting legacy software to distributed execution on multiple JVM, developers using Addistant have only to specify the host where(More)
Core-collapse supernovae (CC-SNe) are the explosions that announce the death of massive stars. Some CC-SNe are linked to long-duration gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and are highly aspherical. One important question is to what extent asphericity is common to all CC-SNe. Here we present late-time spectra for a number of CC-SNe from stripped-envelope stars and use(More)
We report angular correlation function (ACF) of Lyman Break Galaxies (LBGs) with unprecedented statistical quality on the basis of 16,920 LBGs at z = 4 detected in the 1 deg 2 sky of the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Field. The ACF significantly departs from a power law, and shows an excess on small scale. Particularly, the ACF of LBGs with i ′ < 27.5 have a clear(More)
We report an extensive search for Lyα emitters (LAEs) at z = 6.5 in the Subaru Deep Field. Subsequent spectroscopy with Subaru and Keck identified eight more LAEs, giving a total of 17 spectroscopically confirmed LAEs at z = 6.5. Based on this spectroscopic sample of 17, complemented by a photometric sample of 58 LAEs, we have derived a more accurate Lyα(More)
An overview of the current status of the 8.2 m Subaru Telescope constructed and operated at Mauna Kea, Hawaii, by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan is presented. The basic design concept and the verified performance of the telescope system are described. Also given are the status of the instrument package offered to the astronomical community,(More)
We have constructed a very deep K ′-selected multicolor BV RIz ′ JK ′ sample of 439 field galaxies. Based on this multicolor data, a photometric redshift for each sample galaxy was estimated. The overall redshift distribution N(z) for the 1 Based on data collected at Subaru Telescope, which is operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. – 2(More)
We discuss the properties of galaxies around the radio galaxy 3C 324 at z = 1.2 based on BV RIK ′ multi-band imaging data. We have applied a photometric-redshift technique to objects in the 3C 324 field, and identified 35 objects as plausible cluster members. We have found that red and luminous members are concentrated in a small region enclosed by a circle(More)
Deep near-infrared images of a blank 2 × 2 section of sky near the Galactic north pole taken by Subaru Telescope are presented. The total integration times of the J and K bands are 12.1 hours and 9.7 hours, resulting in 5-sigma limiting magnitudes of 25.1 and 23.5 mag, respectively. The numbers of sources within these limiting magnitudes found with an(More)