Toshiyuki Sasaki

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This paper proposes a system named Addistant, which enables the distributed execution of " legacy " Java bytecode. Here " legacy " means the software originally developed to be executed on a single Java virtual machine (JVM). For adapting legacy software to distributed execution on multiple JVM, developers using Addistant have only to specify the host where(More)
Core-collapse supernovae (CC-SNe) are the explosions that announce the death of massive stars. Some CC-SNe are linked to long-duration gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and are highly aspherical. One important question is to what extent asphericity is common to all CC-SNe. Here we present late-time spectra for a number of CC-SNe from stripped-envelope stars and use(More)
We report an extensive search for Lyα emitters (LAEs) at z = 6.5 in the Subaru Deep Field. Subsequent spectroscopy with Subaru and Keck identified eight more LAEs, giving a total of 17 spectroscopically confirmed LAEs at z = 6.5. Based on this spectroscopic sample of 17, complemented by a photometric sample of 58 LAEs, we have derived a more accurate Lyα(More)
We report angular correlation function (ACF) of Lyman Break Galaxies (LBGs) with unprecedented statistical quality on the basis of 16,920 LBGs at z = 4 detected in the 1 deg 2 sky of the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Field. The ACF significantly departs from a power law, and shows an excess on small scale. Particularly, the ACF of LBGs with i ′ < 27.5 have a clear(More)
We have constructed a very deep K ′-selected multicolor BV RIz ′ JK ′ sample of 439 field galaxies. Based on this multicolor data, a photometric redshift for each sample galaxy was estimated. The overall redshift distribution N(z) for the 1 Based on data collected at Subaru Telescope, which is operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. – 2(More)
We discuss the properties of galaxies around the radio galaxy 3C 324 at z = 1.2 based on BV RIK ′ multi-band imaging data. We have applied a photometric-redshift technique to objects in the 3C 324 field, and identified 35 objects as plausible cluster members. We have found that red and luminous members are concentrated in a small region enclosed by a circle(More)
Deep near-infrared images of a blank 2 × 2 section of sky near the Galactic north pole taken by Subaru Telescope are presented. The total integration times of the J and K bands are 12.1 hours and 9.7 hours, resulting in 5-sigma limiting magnitudes of 25.1 and 23.5 mag, respectively. The numbers of sources within these limiting magnitudes found with an(More)
Chiral molecules preferentially form one-handed supramolecular assemblies that reflect the absolute configuration of the molecules. Under specific conditions, however, the opposite-handed supramolecular assemblies are also obtained because of flexibility in the bond length and reversibility of non-covalent interactions. The mechanism of the handedness(More)