Toshiyuki Odaka

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The paper describes the outline of the design automation system which provides the following design methods: <list><item>Higher level structural drawings capable of expressing designs with Boolean equations and truth tables. </item><item>Function level logic simulation of the entire computer design with extensive use of function test programs(More)
AirSenseWare, a sensor-network middleware that provides abstraction models to user applications is described. The abstract modeling and its event-delivering mechanism let a user handle the real world model, instead of a sensor node itself, and hide its unexpected dynamic behaviour such as node adding, removing, and position changes. These abstraction models(More)
Masquerader is someone who impersonates another user and operates computer system with privileged access. It's difficult to detect out by conventional techniques as firewall or misuse-based intrusion detection. Anomaly detection has been considered as a promising approach for masquerade detection, which is based on the idea that significant departures from(More)
A novel video system for providing personalized MPEG2 video content to each user is being developed. In this system, video servers multicast multi-angle video streams with meta-data (which describe the contents of the videos). The meta-data are created in relation to a "group of pictures" (GOP), which is capable of decoding itself without other video data.(More)
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