Toshiyuki Nomura

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Tumor cell invasion and metastasis are associated with the proteolytic activity of various types of proteinases. Among them, cathepsins, which are lysosomal proteinases, have received more attention recently. Since elevated expressions of cathepsins and diminished levels of their inhibitors have been observed in several human cancers, including breast,(More)
Presented here is MPEG-2 AAC LC Profile encoder software for an Intel Pentium III processor. MDCT and quantization processing are accelerated by the use of SIMD instructions. Psycho-acoustic analysis in the MDCT domain makes the use of FFTs unnecessary. Better sound quality is provided by greater efficiency in quantization processing and Huffman coding. All(More)
This paper proposes a flexible CELP speech coder with bitrate and bandwidth scalabilities for multimedia applications. The coder is based on multi-pulse-based CELP coding and consists of a bitrate scalable base-band coder and a bandwidth extension tool. The bitrate scalable base-band CELP coder employs multi-stage excitation coding based on an(More)
This paper proposes a new scalable and compact binary local descriptor, named the BRIGHT (Binary ResIzable Gradient HisTogram) descriptor, for low-latency and high accuracy identification of real-world objects in images. The BRIGHT descriptor is extracted by first creating a hierarchical HOG (Histogram of Oriented Gradients) of a local patch centered around(More)
This paper proposes a method to detect and identify multiple objects in an image using grid voting of object center positions estimated from local descriptor keypoint matches. For each keypoint match, the proposed method estimates the object center position using scale and orientation associated with the keypoints. Then, it casts a vote for an image grid(More)
Accumulating evidence has demonstrated the importance of alternative splicing in various physiological processes, including the development of different diseases. CDC-like kinases (CLKs) and serine-arginine protein kinases (SRPKs) are components of the splicing machinery that are crucial for exon selection. The discovery of small molecule inhibitors against(More)
Protein kinases Aurora A, B, and C play essential roles during mitosis and cell division, are frequently elevated in cancer, and represent attractive targets for therapeutic intervention. TAK-901 is an investigational, multitargeted Aurora B kinase inhibitor derived from a novel azacarboline kinase hinge-binder chemotype. TAK-901 exhibited time-dependent,(More)
Binaural cue coding, which is a representing low bit-rate coding of multichannel audio, generates large distortion when the audio data have complex spatial image, such as symphony. Such distortion caused by the low frequency resolution of spatial information because BCC quantizes the parameters of localization. In this paper we propose a new coding(More)
Dysregulation of lysine (K)-specific demethylase 1A (LSD1), also known as KDM1A, has been implicated in the development of various cancers, including leukemia. Here, we describe the antileukemic activity and mechanism of action of T-3775440, a novel irreversible LSD1 inhibitor. Cell growth analysis of leukemia cell lines revealed that acute erythroid(More)