Toshiyuki Moritsu

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In this paper, a real-time method that automatically extracts facial feature points is proposed. Based upon this technique, we also present a procedure to encode facial images efficiently. For clarity, the proposed method is divided into analysis part and synthesis part. The analysis part includes face tracking, feature extraction, and pose estimation. All(More)
We have developed a new disparity mapping technique for image morphing which prevents synthesized images from blurring and a fast rendering technique which realizes interactive morphing animation. In the image morphing rendering process, all pixels are moved according to their disparity maps and then distorted images are mixed with each other. Calculation(More)
Latency sensitive interactive applications such as virtual desktops for enterprise workers are slated to be important driving applications for next generation cloud infrastructures. Determining where to geographically place desktop VMs in a globally distributed cloud so as to optimize user-percieved performance is an important and challenging problem.(More)
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