Toshiyuki Kawaharamura

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Photoinduced second harmonic generation (SHG) in Au nanoparticle-deposited ZnO nanocrystallite (NC) films was explored by applying bicolor coherent treatment of a Nd-YAG laser with wavelength 1.06 µm and its SHG. We have established that coexistence of the ZnO and Au nanoparticles gives a substantially larger SHG output with respect to pure ZnO NC deposited(More)
Large scale, cost-effective processing of metal oxide thin films is critical for the fabrication of many novel thin film electronics. To date, however, most of the reported solution-based techniques require either extended thermal anneals or additional synthetic steps. Here we report mist chemical vapor deposition as a solution-based, readily scalable, and(More)
It has been found that ion implantation can induce a swelling (step-height) phenomenon on crystal surface. In this paper, we studied about the control of swelling height of Si crystal by irradiating Ar beam under various parameters (fluence, charge and energy). These irradiation parameters were regulated by an irradiation facility that enables to achieve(More)
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