Toshiyuki Kase

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We have measured the components of the throughfall under fir trees (Abies firma) in the field around Mt. Oyama, where the forest appears to be declining, for the period 1994-1998. Exposure experiments of a simulated acid fog to fir twigs were performed under field conditions. There was a similarity between the acid response in the field and that in the(More)
We developed a compact three-stage Ti:sapphire amplifier laser system that produced peak power in excess of 100 TW for a pulse duration of less than 19 fs and an average power of 19 W at a 10-Hz repetition rate. A final 40-mm-diameter Ti:sapphire amplifier is pumped by a Nd:YAG master-oscillator-power-amplifier system that produces ~7-J output of 532-nm(More)
Potassium chloride was subjected to various kinds of pretreatments and irradiated in a nuclear reactor. Irradiated potassium chloride was dissolved in deaerated aqueous solution of several sulfur-salts. A portion of the solution was chromatographed on a thin layer chromatographic plate and the distribution of 35S-chemical species was determined. Irradiation(More)
A transverse magnetic flux type of induction edge heater for the hot strip mill which can heat the edge portion of a transfer bar from the heat end to the tail end was developed. The edge heating system consists of a single magnetic circuit. An algorithm for setting the optimum air gap between the upper and lower inductors and firing-angle compensation(More)
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