Toshiyuki Iida

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A Pd sheet cathode centered within a Pt-wired anode in D 2 O/LiOD electrolyte was used with the L-H mode pulse operation. Anomalously large excess heat (32 watts in average for 2 months, 100-130 watts at peaks and averaged output/input power ratio 1.7) was once observed, associated with very low neutron emission (~1 n/s). To investigate the reproducibility(More)
Takahashi, A., et al., Excess heat and nuclear products by D2O/Pd electrolysis and multibody fusion. Int. An excess heat of 100 W/cc level, 1.7 times the input power in average, and 160 MJ in total was observed for about two months by the L-H mode pulse electrolysis of a D 2 O/Pd cell with plane-symmetric configuration of D-loading into the Pd cathode. Very(More)
For evaluation of electrical insulating performances of SiC materials in radiation and high temperature environments, electrical conductivities of single crystal and sintered SiC materials were measured under gamma-ray irradiations at temperatures of up to ~450 o C. The radiation induced conductivities (RICs) evaluated for single crystal SiC plates were 2.8(More)
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