Toshiyuki Aoki

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This paper describes a method for estimating sensor biases by using a low-dimensional Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) to maintain the positional estimation accuracy of an autonomous vehicle (AV). It is difficult to estimate attitude accurately in a blind situation (such as with no GPS satellites and no landmarks), because of sensor bias. We developed a dead(More)
Slim slime robot (SSR), that looks like an active cord mechanism (snake like robot) and is composed by units that can stretch, shrink and bend actively, is meant to be used for several tasks in narrow spaces such as moving under collapsed houses or for inspection of pipelines in plants. We propose a new concept named "bridle drive", that was developed from(More)
This papcr presents a 3D-environment nieasurcmcnt systeni for large-scale structure manufacturing. First, a niethod and systeni for generating as-built data are shown. Then a camera calibration method that provides the ncces\ary nieasurenicnt precision in space is introduced, and the nieasurement error is analyzed quantitatively. Finally, the position and(More)
Reduced dietary protein intake in malnourished patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) may be associated with adverse clinical outcomes, which may mask any efficacy of a low-protein diet. The study included 126 patients with CKD who attended a dedicated dietary counseling clinic in 2005-2009 and were systematically followed until January 2015. Of these(More)
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