Toshiya Shibata

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Rising demand for islet transplantation will lead to severe donor shortage in the near future, especially in countries where cadaveric organ donation is scarce. We undertook a successful transplantation of living-donor islets for unstable diabetes. The recipient was a 27-year-old woman who had had brittle, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus for 12 years.(More)
The dynamic stiffness of excised cardiac muscles that would be likely to have different intrinsic speeds of contraction, as judged by previous biochemical reports of their myosin ATPase rates, was compared. This study included muscles from thyrotoxic rabbits and newborn rabbits, rabbit atria, and normal papillary muscles at different temperatures. The usual(More)
The dynamic mechanical behavior of excised rabbit papillary muscles that had been tonically activated by replacing bathing Ca2+ with Ba2+ was studied. Steady activation was used to visualize the dynamic behavior of cardiac myofilaments more clearly than is possible during twitches, which are complicated by the kinetics of excitation-contraction coupling. To(More)
The authors examined the effect of halothane, enflurane, and isoflurane on the dynamic stiffness of rabbit papillary muscles in Ba2+ contracture. Ca2+ was replaced by Ba2+ in order to constantly activate myofibrils. The dynamic stiffness of the contractured muscle was examined by exposing the muscle to sinusoidal length perturbations at frequencies of(More)
Twenty-four volunteers were examined at T1-weighted images with thin sections using gradient-based sequences with a possible short and same TR at 3.0 and 1.5 T. Pancreas-to-spleen contrast measurements and scores for visual assessments of image contrast were significantly worse at 3.0 T than at 1.5 T on both sequences. The image contrast of(More)
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