Toshitsugu Kai

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This paper concerns a synthetic study of the right-hand segment of complestatin, an inhibitor of gp120-CD4 receptor. The effective synthesis of four important precursors for the right-hand segment of complestatin is described. Two of them are the precursor tripeptides for macrolactamization to the right-hand segment of complestatin at the last step and the(More)
sp. WK-3419 as a potent inhibitor against gp 120-CD4 binding.1 The relative and absolute structures of the compound were estimated by an NMR experiment, chemical degradation and a molecular dynamics calculation.2,3 During the course of our total synthesis of chloropeptin, we succeeded to synthesize the chloropeptin left-hand segment.4 The title compound is(More)
7-Substituted (Cl, Br, I) indoles were synthesized by using thallation of N-formylindoline as a key reaction. Two precursor tripeptides for the right-hand segment of chloropeptin were synthesized by using (R)-7'-iodo and 7'-bromotryptophans derived from each 7-substituted indole (I, Br) obtained by the above procedure.
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