Toshitaka Fukiharu

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The concept of Shapley values was first introduced into the game theory by Shapley [1953] in the framework of transferable payoffs, playing an important role in the game theory. According to a standard textbook on game theory it is interpreted as in what follows. “Suppose that all the players are arranged in some order, all orders being equally likely. Then(More)
A primitive economic model with classical population theory is constructed in order to examine the greenhouse effect on the sustainability of human population as well as the environmental tax when the sustainability is in danger. The conclusion of this paper is that when the negative effect is small, the tax can guarantee the sustainability, where the(More)
The rising inequality of income distribution has attracted world’s attention since Krugman [2007] criticized the rising inequality in the U.S. especially after the 1980s. This phenomenon became well known worldwide when “Occupy Wall Street” movement broke out in 2011, and has been discussed in Stiglitz [2012] and Piketty [2013]. It must be noted, first,(More)
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