Toshiro Watanabe

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Collicular auditory neurons in cats were exposed to human speech sounds, and responses to the vowel /a/ in isolation and in connected speech were compared. The fundamental frequency coded was found to be independent of CF, response type ("on" type or slowly adapting), and directional sensitivity to frequency change. This suggests that the coding of speech(More)
Directional sensitivity for FM sound was compared between two types of FM sound, a linear FM and a "Step" FM digitally synthesized to contain 28 steady short tones with half-overlap in time between every successive pair, simulating the formant transitions of speech. There seemed to be no difference in the response of the cat collicular neuron in(More)
Microelectrode studies were conducted on the probability of firing of neurons in the superior olivary complex of 11 anesthetized cats. Time-intensity trades were established for dichotic clicks. Inhibition was observed for interaural time differences in the region .05--4 msec. The authors point out that these extremely brief times render explanation(More)
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