Toshiro Wakayama

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This paper is an attempt to clear the following charge leveled against preference logics: preference logics rest upon the mistaken belief that concept construction can satisfactorily be carried out in isolation from theory construction (J. Mullen, Metaphilosophy 10(1979)247–255). We construct a logic of preference that is fundamental in the sense that it(More)
SIMON is a grammar-based transformation system for restructuring documents. Its target applications include meta-level specification of document assembly, view definition and retrieval for multiview documents, and document type evolution. The internal document model is based on attribute grammars,and it interfaces with externaldocumentmodels such as SGML(More)
The notion ofpreference is central to most forms of nonmonotonic reasoning. Shoham, in his dissertation, used this notion to give a single semantical point of view from which most nonmonotonic reasoning systems could be studied. In this paper, we study the notion of preference closely and devise a class of logics of preference that extract the logicalcore(More)
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