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Yoyo is a toy in.ade of two th.ick circular pieces of wood, plastic, etc., connected with a short axle that can be made to run up and do.wn b y mo.uing a string tied to it. Humans can play widh a yoyo without difficulty. However, developing a robot system that can play with a yoyo presents a significant challenge to controller design, because the dynamics(More)
The purpose of this study is to develop a wearable power assist device for hand grasping in order to support Activity of Daily Living (ADL) safely and easily. In this paper, the mechanism of the developed power assist device i s described, and then the effectiveness of this device is discussed experimentally.
In this study, in order to realize an assist of independent life for the elderly or people in need of care and relieve a physical burden for care worker, an active support splint driven by pneumatic soft actuator (ASSIST) has been developed. ASSIST consists of a plastic interface with the palm and arm and two rotary-type soft actuators put in both sides of(More)
In this study, we aim at developing a mechanical device to support human rehabilitation motion of their wrist joint instead of a physiotherapist. Pneumatic parallel manipulator is introduced as a mechanical equipment from a view that pneumatic actuators bring minute force control property owing to the air compressibility and parallel manipulator's feature(More)